Discounts and Deals:

Please ask me about these deals when you go to pay for a class or lesson.

4-H Discount
I started training dogs in 4-H, and I love being able to give back by working with 4-H kids. I would like to encourage 4-H kids to explore more training opportunities outside of the 4-H classes by offering $10 off any group class or private lesson.

Foster Pet Outreach Discount
Any dog adopted through Foster Pet Outreach at any time will receive a one-time $10 discount on any service offered by Canine Initiative Training.

Rescue Dog Discount
Rescue/shelter dogs adopted through any adoption organization within the past 6 months are eligible for a one-time $10 discount on any group class or private lesson.

"Back for More"
In an effort to encourage owners to continue to get out and keep doing stuff with their dogs, after completing one class with me, you get $5 off your next class!