Sunday, December 1

New Changes Coming 2020!

* Please bear with us if information on the site is outdated, not functional, or otherwise a mess while we start the slow process of getting everything sorted out and ready for the new year! *

Hello everyone!
After almost two years in Buffalo NY working at K9 Connection and getting hands-on with all types of behavioral cases, I am moving back to Illinois this week! I’m excited to get back to Canine Initiative Training and expand our training programs. For everyone who has been enjoying learning from Allie Fekete while I’ve been gone - never fear! - she will be continuing to offer training with Canine Initiative as well! There’s still quite a few details that remain to be worked out, but by early 2020, we are planning to be offering:
- Updated Group Classes
- Private Lessons (with myself or Allie)
- Day Training
- Board and Train Programs
- Behavior Consultations
Training will be available for a variety of training issues and goals, including:
- Puppy Training
- Obedience and Manners
- Competitive Obedience
- Fun Classes like Tricks, Rally, Agility, etc.
- Dog Socialization
- Behavior Modification / Rehabilitation for issues including: leash reactivity, fearfulness/anxiety, aggression towards dogs and/or people, and more.
Farther in the future, we are hoping to be able to offer daycare and boarding as well.
More information will be coming as the details get sorted out. In a perfect world, I am hoping to have class schedules, details about our new or updated programs, and updated pricing available by mid December so that we can get started booking for January, but a lot will depend on how much time I have to work on it between my move and the approach of the holidays.
Please feel free to send a message to our Facebook page with any questions. We will be posting updates there as we get the details worked out!

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